Category "Creative Careers"

  • Animal Grooming Specialist

    This amazing new program is for all animal lovers. Whether you are looking to start a pet grooming business or want to learn to take care of your own furry family memebers, this program is for you. You will start by learning the correct medical terminology for animals which will allow you to understand animals anatomy, physiology, and how to best care for pets. 
  • Professional Cooking

    Learn the cooking principles you need to begin your career in this exciting industry with our Professional Cooking course. Learn the basics for planning dishes and menus, selecting quality ingredients, and preparing and presenting food in exceptional ways. This course explores professional techniques and methods for creating hundreds of recipes both traditional and contemporary. 
  • Professional Catering Entrepreneur Program

    Our online Professional Catering Entrepreneur Program will focus on teaching you the skills and techniques you need to build and grow a successful catering business.  This program will take you through all the steps involved in operating a successful catering business while teaching you how to start and grow your own business. 
  • Professional Cooking Entrepreneur Program

    Our online Professional Cooking Entrepreneur Program will take you through the full spectrum of food preparation and presentation while also helping you to create and succeed at the type of business you want. 
  • Professional Cooking & Catering Program

    Our online Professional Cooking & Catering Program will help you learn the cooking and baking principles you need to plan great dishes and menus in order to operate a successful catering business; while also helping you to learn the skills and techniques needed to create that business. 
  • Wedding Consultant Entrepreneur Program

    Weddings are landmarks in the lives of the brides, grooms, and their families. The wedding consultant has the most important role in planning this special day. Today's brides and grooms have busy lives and they often do not have time to make all the preparations for their dream wedding. They'll gladly pay a wedding consultant to take care of the details. Our Wedding Consultant Entrepreneur Program will provide you with all the tools you will need to create the business you want. 
  • Photographer Entrepreneur Program

    Photography is becoming an increasingly popular and exciting profession. These days, almost anyone can take stunning photographs after having learned the right techniques and gaining editing know-how. Our Photographer Entrepreneur Program will also teach you how to create the business you want.  
  • Interior Decorating & Design Entrepreneur Program

    Our online training in Interior Decorating & Design Entrepreneur Program focuses on teaching you about a number of innovative interior decorating & design ideas for the home, office, and more while at the same time helping you to create the business you want! 
  • Floral Design Entrepreneur Program

    Our online training in Floral Design combined with our online training in Start Your Own Business will give you the information you need to combine a career designing floral arrangements with starting a successful florist business.  This program will help you to create the floral business you want. 
  • Floral Design

    Our Floral Design course prepares students for a career designing floral arrangements and running a successful florist business. The course balances theory with practice, covering the history of design, artistic elements, floral anatomy, and nomenclature, along with techniques, tools, and specialties. Students will be prepared for the real business world with discussions on distribution, marketing, advertising, and the other industry-specific issues needed for success in the field. Prerequisite(s): None