Category "Customer Service"

  • Competitive Advantage of Exceptional Customer Service

    All companies have competition. Depending on the industry, a company’s competitors may count in the tens, hundreds, or even thousands. All these companies are working hard to gain customer attention. Customers prefer to spend their money with companies that deliver great service, respect their needs, and are willing to build a positive relationship with them. Companies that invest in creating a strong service-oriented culture are more likely to deliver exceptional customer service; this in turn becomes a strategic advantage for the company.
  • Customer Service Professionalism

    Customer service professionals play a vital role in any organization that wants to be profitable. Professional service can be a competitive advantage that helps build a strong, consistent, and loyal customer base. In order for an organization to rise above their competition, they need a dedicated, professional customer service workforce that strives to build customer loyalty. This course discusses professionalism and why it is important for providing excellent customer service.
  • Customer-Focused Listening

    Listening is more than simply hearing the words said by someone else. Listening occurs when the listener takes the time to fully comprehend what the speaker is trying to say. This is an important skill for customer service providers, because the customer’s decision to purchase a good or product is as much an emotional decision as it is a rational one.
  • Identifying Customers

    Most every business today sells something, whether it is a commodity, product, or a service. These companies need someone to purchase goods and services from them, in other words they need to have customers who actually want to purchase what they have. Companies who understand their customers are more likely to deliver exceptional customer service and be profitable. This requires companies to identify who their customers are so they can better fulfill their needs by offering something customers want to purchase. This course discusses how a company can better identify its customers. 
  • Personalized Service

    Customers in today’s fast paced world sometimes feel like they are just another face in the crowd. Personalized service builds a loyal customer base, and can be achieved through either a well-trained staff or by sophisticated web applications. Personalized customer service is delivered by well-trained customer service providers or it is facilitated by sophisticated software applications. This course discusses personalized customer service.
  • Standardized Service

    To have a customer service advantage companies should focus on both personal and standard services. Standardized service is important because it ensures that all customers, regardless of who they are or how much they spend, receive an exceptional customer service experience. Companies standardize their services to increase the consistency of both service quality and quantity. This course discusses elements of customer service standardization.
  • The Global Customer

    Companies and customer service providers who want to be competitive, both at home or abroad, need to understand the impacts that globalization and diversity have on their business. Companies that don’t focus on this ever-growing and economically-empowered customer base will soon lose business to their competition. To better serve these diverse cultures, first seek to understand them. Most companies have seen a surge in both global services and diverse customer bases in recent years. This course discusses several aspects of globalization and customer diversity. 
  • The Service Advantage

    Some companies are more competitive because their core business strategy includes striving for and the delivery of exceptional customer service. This in turn gives these companies a service advantage because they beat out the competition by giving their customers better service. Customer service providers who understand the importance of having exceptional customer service enjoy a service advantage over the competition. This course discusses the various elements that help companies develop a service advantage.
  • The Virtual Customer

    Technology has impacted how companies do business and how customer service is delivered. To stay profitable in the internet age, customer service providers should understand and embrace the power of the virtual customer. Virtual customers provide valuable feedback on product development and improvement that in the end improves service for all customers. This course discusses several dynamics that impact companies and the virtual customer. 
  • Communication Skills for the Health Care Professional

    When health care workers effectively communicate with those they care for, it helps patients, clients, and residents feel less isolated and improves their sense of wellbeing.